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AQL Inspection Manual


The AQL Inspector's Rule can be used in sampling, inspection, measuring, examination, testing or otherwise comparing the unit of product with specified requirements of continuous series of lots or batches. AQL sampling plans are used for, but not limited to, the following:

Components and Raw Materials - These materials are shaped, treated or assembled to form end items. These materials may be inspected at the source (vendor's), upon receipt (receiving inspection), at point of assembly or at any convenient place along the assembly process where end items are formed. Information tabulated during receiving inspection can be used to establish a "Vendor Rating System."

End Items - Final inspection of completed products that may be inspected before or after packaging. Final inspection may be accomplished to commercial standards or Military Packaging Specification MIL-P-116E.

Operations - Repetitive work performed by machines and operators may be judged acceptable or not acceptable. These work operations may be inspected on a sampling basis to determine whether the processing machine, operator or clerk is performing satisfactorily.

Materials In Progress - Materials may be inspected on a sampling basis to determine their quality after any step along the production line as to the extent of damage or deterioration while in temporary storage between production steps or quality before proceeding to the next step in the production process.

Supplies in Storage - AQL Inspections can be used to determine the quality and quantity of supplies in storage on a sampling basis

Maintenance Operations - The operations are usually performed on repairable materials to restore them to serviceable condition. When maintenance or overhaul operations are completed, attribute sampling inspection is made to determine the quality of the product after reconditioning.

Data or Records - Whenever large volumes of data are processed; i.e., accounting records, cost data, invoices, bills of lading, attribute sampling inspection can be used as a basis for determining dollar volume, item count, accuracy or other measures or quality of data or records.

Administrative Procedures - Procedures of this type maybe questioned as to whether desirable results are achieved. If the results can be measured on an attribute basis, the AQL Inspector's Rule can be used for this purpose. Inspection by Attribute means when a procedure is judged to be good or bad, or correct or incorrect.